Important Notice


Thank you for using DraftPad, the super simple and flexible text editor for iOS. It has been about three and a half years since the v1.0 was launched in the App Store. We think that DraftPad was the first app which let users manage URL schemes with placeholders for routing the text content in countless ways, and we believe that DraftPad actually founded a new genre in the iOS app world - DRAFTING.

Today, we have to tell you that the development of DraftPad has been discontinued. However, as a sequel to DraftPad, our new app "Textwell" is now available in the App Store.

Available on the App Store

Textwell is the official successor of DraftPad by the same developer team with the same concept. Besides that, Textwell is much more powerful and convenient.

We absolutely recommend that you start using Textwell alternatively for the greater experience. Please follow @textwell on Twitter for the latest news and tips.

Thank you very much for having used DraftPad, and we are sure you'll love Textwell so quickly.

Manabu Ueno, DraftPad Team.